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Hitmen, flip flops & dry plates (episode 33)

Episode 33  and our first interviewee of 2019.

We bring you another unique guest too, someone from the analogue world of plate photography.

Jason Lane is systems engineer from the optics field who makes dry plates (glass with emulsion).

During the podcast we discusss:

  • Mr kodak eastman
  • Dry plate vs wet plates
  • Astro photography
  • ADOX expansion
  • Growth of film market
  • Steerman press
  • Developing with HC-110
  • Kickstarter + plate holders
  • Hiring students
  • Not sleeping
  • Hitmen & flip flops


0   introduction to dry plates

12  Jason’s + future of pictoriagraphica

18  Victorian photography

35  how to get started with dry plate

44  selling plates

58  latest kickstarter + expansion

71  random questions

84  Contact details

89  pay it forward


Jason’s Instagram –

Jason’s shop –×5-or-5×7-dry-plates-10-plates?ref=shop_home_active_4&bes=1

Jason’s website –

German distributor –

Steerman tanks –×5-film-processing-system 

Music – Paul Grant

Cover art – Phlogger

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