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Happiness – a street message

Today’s image is very special to me, although its part of my “street message” project it is my first time using other people.  What is even more pivotal about this shot – it is the first time I have ever asked a stranger!

The image about alcohol and the paradox of happiness associated with this, the natural calming effect.  Taken in the correct dose this magic formulae can enhance your character and showcase what you maybe hiding.  The fluid is just a flavour, this does not provide happiness, it is you.


Not so technical bit

I would like to thank my hosts for posing in this photo, they were kind and willing before they even read the message.  You have personally helped me achieve my first step and approach strangers.

Image taken on Nikon d7000, 35mm f1.8g lens, f9, 1/25th using tripod.

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