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Garage lighting,fuji + rabbits (Gina Milicia)

 For episode 46 we travel around the globe to Australia, to interview the one, the only – Gina Milicia.

Gina has been working in photography for 30 years, so is very experienced.  She has many resources on her website, including a blog, videos, presets, books and training through her gold membership.  Gina also runs a podcast called “so you want to be a photographer” with her friend Valerie Khoo. 

In this edition the podcast contains:

  • Garage lighting
  • modifier/diffusing ideas
  • Fuji
  • Camera interfaces
  • Podcasting
  • Shooting kettles
  • Importance of projects
  • Sharing resources
  • Group shots + hot sets
  • Pooling resources
  • Camera alliances
  • Working with models
  • Storyboard + working in media


 Gina takes part in the random questions, so find out the relevance of:

  • Poisons
  • Animals
  • Convicts


0 – garage + split lighting 

11 – flash lighting advice

21 – cameras + beginner advice

24 – podcasting addicts + shooting kettles

37 – shooting projects + working with models

56 – favourite shoots

62 – inspiration

65 – random questions 


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