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Frames magazine – interview with photographer and editor Tomasz

Although I really enjoyed my small break in the hills of England with my family it’s time to get back to podcasting.  This was an unusual one for me, as it was first thing in the morning but it was really nice to speak with my guest.  Tomasz is a talented classical pianist, photographer, and editor of Frames magazine!  It’s unfair how talented people like Tomasz are, the way they can work across music and photography.  This can be seen in his personal work where he shoots concerts, musicians, and portraits.

Tomasz has editorial and podcasting experience too, as he has run Fujifilm online magazine for 5? years too.  Recently he has been working hard behind the scenes to raise awareness about his latest project – FRAMES MAGAZINE.  This idea was a beautiful printed magazine that should “wow” people.  So he’s been creating a fabulous group on Facebook, there are a youtube channel and newsletters.  It’s just getting printed in the UK now so definitely work checking it out.

One difference about the magazine is Frames is based on a monthly subscription service with online content.  For more information check the link in the show notes or my website.


In this one we talk about:

– covid & printed

– mobile photography

– traditional photography

– frames Facebook group

– inspiration from different genres

– positives of lockdown

– photography bucket lists

– finding your film

– scanning film

– the printed medium

– the personal connection

– importance of sleep



Frames website –

Frames FB group –

Frames youtube –


Tomasz website –


Friends Links

I have discussed David from FilmDev in this show and how he’s developed all my 120 colour work for a few years.  Great work guaranteed and as an example, he only charges £4 for small files with delivery & TIFF’s!  Large scans are £8 compared to.

Do check them out –

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Extra content

Tomasz agreed to kindly show you some examples of the magazine and one of his famous musician shots.