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Formerly a manor

This article relates to that special photographer again, i call “BEFORE”.  Looking at a recent visit to an abandoned and former manor house.

nocton hall hose

I wanted to capture some remnants that had survived the destruction and vandalism, this old fire place and hose is quite uncanny.


nocton hall stairs

From looking around the stair case you can only be impressed by what size this house must have been, as i descended the steps there was a sense of plunging in to darkness and became too eery.

nocton hall corridor

Walking out the house you are confronted by a small corridor which must have been some type of pre-fab/temporary buildings.  Totally taken over by nature and trying to burst in any gap possible, vandalism obviously has not helped.

nocton hall desk

In one of the final rooms you enter an area used an office, the desk still fairly intact.

nocton hall room chair

Of all the rooms, the evidence of foilage and wear was evident in the rooms, but how did this chair survive so well in comparison?  The room appeared to be a bedroom, with wardrobe and dresser, there was evidence of beds close by too.


The house although now just a shell was at least stories high and had basement levels too (dark and dangerous considering the state of the house) so I only stayed in the safer areas.  The strange thing here is the house has a link to World War 2 as it was used as a hospital, because of a massive annex to the grounds with multiple buildings (gated and fenced off).



Mostly handheld shots (it was creepy so rushed so many shots)

Nikon d7000

Sigma 17-70mm zoon lens

High iso’s

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