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Foggy sessions

Foggy sessions – early morning adventures

picture of horses walking diagnolly

Finally the time come round where sunrise was nearer to my time to rise from slumber.  Having no plan I set off to capture the cold, damp and dangerous fog.  Walking around the old racecourse (see previous posts) you can see the horses are free to roam, after some time I was shocked as the horses formed such an organised diagonal line away from me.

picutre of thin tree in fog

Walking around this beautiful but damp landscape, I was determined to try and capture what I could see with the naked eye, the slow creep of the fog along the grass as the morning moved.

view of fog in distance near edge of tree

Like a desert mirage, this small fenced area appeared before me, this included a small watering hole for the horses, but looked beautiful set against the field of fog.


picture of thin tall tree in fog

A rarity for myself, but the strange beauty of this tree could only be captured in portrait view, the picture showing the colour differences of the weather, from the closeby green to the white/grey fog and slowly appearing blue sky from day break.


image of morning fog across field


On the way to work I detoured to park and take a picture of this lovely view, the morning dew in the distance clearing up across the field, with the morning dew still apparent.  Definitely a shot worth converting to monochrome, I hope you agree.


picture of trees with sunrise

This is what the french would call “piece de resistance” (sorry about the lack of accents), by carefully positioning myself I managed to capture the triangle of fog,nature and light.  It maybe true patience is rewarded, the fog was so dense and light so grey I held out for hope that the sun would appear.

Technical details

All photos were shot on a Canon 550d with kit lens, all captured in RAW and processed in Lightzone on my Linux computer.



Photography is damn rewarding at times, but the number of hours spent does not equal a high number of pictures, but allows you quality (I hope you agree). I paid the price of not planning my clothing (trousers,socks,boots all soaked) and feeling tired for hours!  However, it was so worth it and will help me think about next time.  Again the weather change allows different opportunities and skill sets to come out, not really about colour today, but capturing a mood.

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