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Flash photography course

One of the elements of any hobby or talent is learning to improve, I invest a lot of time in this principal.  I have used a variety of sources, from recommendation of online reviews to looking over people’s website and there character.  I will present to you resources with an honest review and provide some reasoning.

The course

For today we are looking at Eddie from Grainhappy and his “Gaining confidence with speedlites for beginners”.



Eddie sells the course direct from his website now, he’s a user of snapchat, twitter and the usual places too, so keep watching out for his stuff.

The review

Eddie is actually very straight forward and clear at presenting, his pleasant character shows through his excellent videos.  The videos are recorded in high quality and he concentrates on topics one at a time, they are all usually short too.

It was nice to see he uses simple and affordable technology, providing a valid reason for using these too.  For people like myself who don’t really know about flash/speedlites then this course is really useful to get you started.


  • Clear & quality content
  • Affordable
  • Experienced professional
  • Shows you how to use and why
  • Explains technology
  • Discusses light theory
  • He’s a nice guy!


  • Doesn’t show much practise, mainly theory



I followed every video, learned so much about using flash and tested his theories out.  Eddie was also nice enough to reply (how many pro’s will do that?) to an email where I showed an example of something that didn’t work out.


I recommend the course, Eddie makes me laugh and hopefully you can see his passion in his work, whether its value for money is down to you.





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