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Film noir and the Phlogger by Instinctive

Film noir and the Phlogger by Instinctive
Image by Instinctive Photography on the streets of Lincoln

Film Noir

Jon from Instinctive Photography approached very recently about getting together for a project.  This project would involve video (film) and be centred around my street photography.

Obviously, this had always been one of the things that have always been on my mind.  But shooting a film in this manner is impossible by yourself.  Since Jon is not only a great and natural photographer, he is a good friend too.   One of his skillsets is having a very focused mind, especially in photography.  This took no time at all to arrange, very little planning was involved either.

We both discussed we wanted a night shoot, which should also be black and white.  The whole theme should be film noir and I would use my film camera too.  Jon brought the essential ideas and cameras, I was the model and helped with a few ideas.

One of the beauties of working in this manner is unexpected results and that’s not a bad thing.  We captured some important points about my work – positioning myself, working the camera and finding locations.

Although I don’t enjoy being a model or filmed, it is not natural to some of us, I knew the end product would be great.  Jon did not disappoint, it was clear from the quick and brief bits of filming we were in a for a treat.

After returning home Jon sent the video through after only a couple of hours.  What fantastic work he can create and cannot wait for more collaboration in the future.

Please check out Jon’s work and book him now.  If you want a family portrait and want some very natural work, I cannot recommend him highly enough.  Jon works with stately homes and business to help their media footprint too.

Thanks to  Jon and hope you all enjoy the video.

Jon’s youtube channel is here

Jon’s company (Instinctive) website is here

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