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Film – a new beginning

olympus om10 film camera

A return to the past?

For me no, I never shot film except point and click as a child using my dad’s camera (very occasional).

This camera is my entrance to the world of film photography, it’s a homage to the past though, times when you used your mind more.  You worked out lighting and worked with it, not against it, a time when aperture controlled your exposure.

Personally, I have always wanted an Olympus om camera in silver and well I’ve shot 2 rolls with it, but like all good things in life, you will have to wait for the results.


Well, you can’t see what you have shot, so exposure seems to be guesswork (used the famous sunny 16 rule) and hoped for the best.  I tried to take 2 exposure shots when I remembered.

The camera is an Olympus OM-10, with 50mm prime (f1.8).

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