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Fashion photography & film – interview insights with Calvin Chinthaka

Fashion photography & film - interview insights with Calvin Chinthaka

For episode 56 our interview insights looks at Calvin Chinthaka, an amazing fashion photographer from London.  Calvin uses both digital and film to support his work, which also includes cinematography too!

He puts a lot of time, research and planning in to shoots, which shows in his work.  It’s great to see someone using different mediums, from his current Sony’s to his Pentax 6×7 film camera.

Calvin talks us to about how he beat 2500 applicants to attend the famous London College of Fashion, whats involved there and how it helped his career.

Look out for the podcast, which also discusses:

  • Why workshops are useful
  • Useful influences
  • Understanding lenses
  • Practise makes perfect
  • Planning shoots
  • Film festivals + cinematography
  • Sets + collaborating
  • Sri Lanka heritage
  • Fashion industry changes
  • Research for shots
  • Pentax 6×7
  • Developing film
  • Outsourcing retouching
  • Masters degree
  • Podcasting
  • Printing large (3ft)


0 – intro to Calvin + applying for uni

9 – workshops

14 – making your mark

18 – collaboration

22  – creative directing, Sri Lanka

36 – planning equipment

39 – favourite cameras + lenses

44  – future

56 – recommendations

58 – links


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