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Fairy lights

Fairy lights – a tale of fairground attractions

image of fairground ride

Patiently I waited for a clear sky to attend the fair, my chance to photo using slow shutter speeds at night to try and capture the movement of light.  This ride emphasizes speed,colour,pattern and movement, starting horizontally then slowly angles itself vertically before spinning faster and faster, it was a great opportunity to capture.

image of twister at night

The twister provided another different pattern, the change in speed in a circular rotation allowed a few different shots, the purple and blues coming through lovely.  Staff were even kind enough to move out the way so I could get as close as possible.  A variety of shots were taken, to the point you could actually read the “Twister” sign, which was all done to faster and slower shutter speeds.

image of fair ride

Unfortunately the only time the large spinning light moved was as I approached and left and because the fair was gated the image was constricted by the metal fences.  Another great opportunity, again, the movement of the light and shutter allowed different patterns.

image of dodgems at night

A personal favourite, the wonderful dodgem car, taking this shot at night allowed yo to capture the light movement, just like car lights.  Still as fun and busy as ever, the popularity of this ride never seems to amaze.  An ageless classic or slowly retiring fun the modern generation do not understand?

Not so technical details

All shots taken on Canon 550d, captured using JPEG and adjusted to sharpen the colours.


After one wasted journey to the site (doesn’t open on certain days) I was so happy to see the clear sky so I could rush out and take these shots, I appreciate quality wise they are not the best, it’s limited to the surrounding lights and attractions.  One thing I will not forget is the adolescence youth approaching to have their smiling faces in the shots.  It was funny to hear them ask me to “put the flash on mate”, ignorance is so bliss.


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