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Eric Meow – pacman, podcasts & camping

For episode 130 I’m talking to a guy I have followed for a while in the film community and long admired.  Originally noticed his analogue work and then started hearing him help out the team at Sunny 16 podcast.  One of the core reasons I became to admire the work was the openness about sharing details and any techniques but also his fun attitude.  Eric is full of laughter and smiles, throughout his interviews, whether a guest or host – its just his friendly personality.

It’s been great talking to someone with passion for film and most formats too (so even 4×5).  We talk about his adventures travelling around and expired film and his many camera choices.  Eric talks about his start with podcasting too and he’s put a great show together with Vania, thats very different.  It has segments of news, reviews, education on photographers, listener messages and even dev parties!  Honestly the relationship they have is great and I’m thoroughly enjoying listening.

So in this one:

  • podcasting
  • camping & cooking
  • keeping film cool
  • infra red
  • mountain bikes
  • very slow film
  • shooting f64


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Extra content

I spoke with Eric about including some of the images we discussed in the podcast, so you could get a sense of his work.

Here is the one we discussed with the cloud cover and abandoned house.

Eric Meow picture of abandoned house
I could photograph this place forever. . . . ‘Through your Fingers’ Camera: Mamiya m645j Lens: Mamiya-Sekor 2.8/45mm Film: Kodak Plus X; 12/1988 Process: HC-110B; 5min Near Monument Rocks, Kansas July 2020

This one is the bullet hole we talked about!

Eric Meow - picture of bullet holes in abandoned car