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Emilio Cresciani – cuts, rubbish & spills

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 164 of photography insights. This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.


One day I was sending hello messages to people that had recently followed me on Instagram. I usually check out their images and websites, so I can decide if I’m going to follow their work. As you imagine I follow a lot of people and try to keep a small number of close people to engage with. After Emilio Cresciani followed me I was intrigued and after seeing his projects I messaged him through Instagram and here we are!


Emilio is an artist from Australia who sees beauty in elements all around us. It was fun talking to Emilio for his laid back personality as you will soon find out. He’s a caring person too who teaches people with disabilities and worked in care previously as well. What’s even more interesting is his project based work – like “remains of the day”. A great project looking at waste and how humans are affecting this world.


When talking about his oil slicks, we are looking at what comes out the ground is driping back in to the ground. Don’t get me started on his car screen’s too, buying over 30 of these and making art out of these. Honestly he’s able to see patterns and something interesting and use different photography processes to make art. As we finish the conversation we talk about awards and competitions, then finally memories of his grandad.


So in this one look out for:

– recycle + waste

– negative consequences

– metallic paper

– shooting roadside

– rain

– safety glass

– iphone vs photograms

– making a lightbox

– working with ice



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You may have seen on social media recently, I posted the latest iTunes review. It certainly made me laugh its a pretty bad one but everyone is entitled to an opinion so here goes.

“Don’t bother”

Worst interviewer in history. Mumbles. Interrupts. Wouldn’t know an intelligent question if it fell on him.

All I can say is, whatever you are doing now, just stop. Go leave a review and help me cancel this out. I can handle criticism, but we all know the statements are incorrect. I’m not the worst interviewer, just one of them, oh well you have to laugh.

Extra content

Emilio kindly forwarded these images to share with you all. I think it was important considering the type of art and colours.