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Ella Morton – the dubious, road tips and soup

Welcome to photography insights I’m your host Andrew Walmsley.  This is the show that interviews people from around the photography world.

Today I’m glad to invite you to listen to Ella Morton, an artist from Toronto who I found through Lenscratch. Ella’s work uses lens based technology but also a variety of experimental and alternative processes.  Her work is about telling deep stories with a mixture of alchemy.

We discuss a number of her projects including “dubious cosmology” which is all about using pictures from the internet with the wet plate process.  The ones that don’t look real and could easily be described as photoshop fakes!  We discuss Ella’s version of film soup and her series “The Dissolving Landscape”. There is also talks of exhibiting your work by using animation tricks from the 1800’s.  We also have a look at this idea of colour images made from b&w film.  Ella has spent time in the Svalbard region of the Artic too and made her film on super 8 film using interesting techniques!

So in this one:

  • truths of imagery
  • road trips
  • Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii
  • safety with chemicals
  • artist residencies
  • Super 8mm
  • film soup
  • colour filters
  • mordancage


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Extra content

Ella Morton has been kind enough to send over some of the images. Hopefully they will explain some of the techniques she uses for her projects.