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Elizabeth Stone – mortality, perceptions & art

Welcome to episode 124 of photography insights.  This show i’m featuring another artist called Elizabeth Stone who has been recommended by both Jeanine Michna-Bales and Linda Alterwitz!  It’s been really great recently to feature such different artists, who all have mutual respect for each others work.  Giving up their time to spend time with myself has been brilliant.


Elizabeth has been in to photography for decades too, so understands darkrooms, film and light.  She’s an interesting character who has been through those hard elements of life.

Seeing loved ones leave this world is never easy and Elizabeth has managed to capture this time through her photography art.  You will listen to us talk about 2 different projects, one about her mother and her father too.  I would urge you to look at the photos on my website for clarity of what we are discussing.  I know from conversations its sometimes hard to understand through audio only, but trust me its a beautiful memory she has dedicated to this time.  It’s also a humbling point for myself too, as you will hear and I did my best not to get upset.  Documenting the last 40 months of her mothers life going through Parkinson’s disease, through the eyes of carer hit a nerve with people as we all experience elements of being mortal.


We also talk about her other projects too and how useful it is to keep your old negatives and work, as you will never know what you can do with them.  Elizabeth seems to find interesting ways to showcase everyday objects of photography, whether its the chemicals themselves or 35mm negatives.  Even her work about her own body is interesting, why she chose this and methods used to light it.


In this one we discuss:

  • telling a story
  • looking at yourself
  • examining your body
  • perception
  • abstractness from colour
  • Ecdysis + 35000 negatives!
  • no lines in art
  • heat guns, maths + memory
  • chemigrams


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I’ve chosen a line from our conversation and its:

“we make art not really truly knowing what it’s about.”

Elizabeth Stone

Extra content

Elizabeth kindly sent these images across, which represent some of the work we discussed.