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Elephants, NGO’s & cameras (interview with Juho)

For episode 44 we roam across Europe to the country of Finland.  In today’s episode we catch hold of the very busy Juho from and

juho from camera rescue blog photo

Juho is a guy with ideas, challenges and ventures, which we manage to discuss.  He talks to us about the rescue project and the immense work that goes in to restoring cameras.  During this episode we talk about:

  • Ambitions of a teenager
  • NGO’s
  • Mandatory civil service
  • Uniting European shops
  • Failures & ventures
  • Equipment checks
  • Return rates of sigmas
  • rescuing 100,000 cameras by 2020
  • Which cameras not to buy
  • Building an app
  • Education in finland
  • Ingmar Bergman

You will also learn about his love of elephants and his expertise in trivial pursuit.  So click on play and find out more.


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