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Edward Curtis, the Graybills & drinking with John Lennon

edward-curtis-the-graybills-drinking-with-john-lennon cover art design with large format camera

 John and Coleen Graybill help run the Curtis legacy foundation and their other business Mountain Spirit photo.  John is a direct descendant of Edward Curtis, a photographer from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s who famously photographed the native Americans. John’s foundation is key to protecting and showcasing the work of this photographer. 

If you don’t know who he was, then dont worry, keep listening, but in short he took thousands of dry plate photographs over a 30 year period.  Because of his subject matter, it was important work in terms of culture and history.

Please do listen in to this interview, you find will out about how John & Coleen are attempting to photograph the descendants of the original subjects too, using the same techniques (Descendants project).

So stayed tuned to learn about JP Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt, General Custer and how history was re-written. 

We also discuss:

  • Quinn Jacobson & Jason lane
  • Portrait tents
  • Persecution of Native Americans 
  • Edward curtis life
  • JP Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt + General Custer
  • The history book lies
  • $150 horse fees
  • Sacrifices of an artist 
  • Descendants project
  • Kickstarter pictures
  • How to scare a bear


0 intro + friendships

7 toolsets,intentions+ art

14 edward curtis and his life

22 Curtis research of native american

27 technology

33 fear in Alaska at devils island

40 divorces,children + hollywood

49 descendants project

61 culture changes

69 kickstarter

76  random questions 


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Mountain Spirit website

Curtis foundation website

Quinn Jacobson interview – Master photographer

Jason Lane interview – dry plates

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