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Dominique – interview with a street portrait photographer

I’m pleased to bring you this episode because I first started talking to Dominique over a year ago, through our mutual friend Sarah (link here). Sarah said what a lovely lady she was and they had become friends and she creates such lovely portraits of people.  That is no lie either, her work is stunning and so consistent.  I’m not sure how Dominique finds her subjects, but they are so different and such interesting characters.


Dominique lives in New York, but originates from France so listen to her charming accent.  She is a caring and family person, who captures people on the street with her Sony.

In this show Dominique talks to us about:

  • Photography mentors
  • Shooting at midday
  • Sony a7r iii full frame
  • inspiration
  • Friendships from the street
  • Shooting everyday
  • Dancing
  • New york diversity
  • Colour vs b&w
  • Bruce Gilden workshops

Random questions

In this section Dominque unveils about her previous life.

She creates a funny Instagram account for somebody famous, any guesses –   @walk_on_water



Check out her Instagram –

Extra content

As we suggested on the podcast, the extras this time are photos by Dominique.


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