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Doddington Hall views

Hi and Merry Christmas!

The entry is the 1st of 2 which relate to my recent shoot at the beautiful place known as Doddington Hall.  The images taken are from the external perspective of the buildings/gardens.

doddington hall black and white image

Taken from the rear of the gardens, I managed to capture the line of the well kept trees advancing towards the entrance and set against the spooky looking sky.

old carriage at doddington hall

On the way the infamous bauble barn at Doddington I came across an old barn rammed full of old carriages such as these, there was limited space and light but I wanted to produce a grainy old world feel to the picture.

crop circle at doddington hall

From the upper floors of the hall the perfectly kept gardens where easy to focus on, the lines of symmetry ever presence.

image of rear gradens at doddington hall

Trying to capture a center vanishing point between the trees was easy enough set against the old stone but with the shadows the image was grainy, however, with careful editing using a yellow filter I managed to capture the beauty of the interesting cloud cover.


Not so technical bit

Most of the images were taken on the kit 18-55 lens at low aperture to bring out more detail, but there where lot’s of shadows.  My only issue was having my daughter with me, meant I didn’t have time to setup for the great image and had to rush where possible – hence a few images were out of focus etc.

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