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Doddington Hall views within

Hi and Merry Christmas!

The entry is the 2nd part which relates to my recent shoot at the beautiful place known as Doddington Hall.  The images taken are from the inside of the building.

image of xmas at doddington hall

Christmas is a very special time of the year and who can resist a trip to your local store to buy a new bauble, Doddington Hall’s very own barn was a lovely treat for all.

image of christmas at doddington hall

Walking through the house, these simple statements of christmas colours caught my eye.

christmas chandelier at doddington hall

The chandeliers at Doddington are somewhat lavish and this example is only enhanced by the wild colours of the decorations.

chandelier at doddington hall

Another room in the house provided that elegant glass look to the chandelier and was complimented by christmas decorations too.

image of chest and lock

Looking around at the beautiful furniture, I stumbled across the detailing of the lock on this chest, which makes you treasure the art and skill taken.

old clock at doddington hall

Unlike many visitors I focus my eye on the smaller item and see the true detailing of such masterpieces, an old antique but quite simply a classic.

image of music notes at doddington hall

Seeing such beauty around the house I felt compelled to try and capture the simplicity of sheet music amongst the illumination of their wonderful christmas tree lights.

image of piano keys at doddington hall

I have been waiting months to get an opportunity to showcase an image of music, having a friend who can play (well) it’s always great to see a grand piano, the simplicity of the ivory white and black sharp keys.



I wanted to say a warm thank you to Susanna at Doddington Hall for the opportunity, if you want to find out more about visiting this place of interest please click here.  As I previously entered, some shots were not perfect (in my eyes), I had to keep my daughter entertained enough for a few hours too!

Hopefully you enjoyed this photo shoot, an amateur I  maybe, but one that is learning and enjoying the journey.

Merry Christmas to all.


The Phlogger

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