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Instead of just shooting film (don’t have enough cameras) let’s do a film mode challenge. I will be shooting film and you are welcome to try 35mm + medium format.

You will use your digital camera, but mimic the constraints of using a film camera. Its all for fun and would love to see people join in.

RULES: can only use a fixed focal length
2. Camera set to manual
3. Iso will be fixed
4. You will get 24 exposures (pictures) per location
5. You will meter using a smartphone app (I will show u).


Its a gentle walk around 3 buildings, you don’t have to go inside of you don’t want. 
Then move to a few streets away for abandoned houses. 
If you have time we can stop at Humber bridge for a landscape shot.


  • A camera that works on manual
  • Blank memory card
  • Sensible footwear
  • Money for drink/food (cheap cafes/fast food close by)


Its fun to try challenging yourself.
Abandoned building shots look great
By constraining yourself you will improve your photography
Manual metering will teach you about light
No cost, parking is free, just bridge toll so share a journey


I will create gallery on my Facebook page ( and we can all vote for best pics of the day


Junction Retail Park, St Andrews Quay, Hull HU3 4SE

Meet in the car park
10.30am start, so arrive early.”

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