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Diana Nygren – climate, relatives & urban living

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 146 of photography insights.  This is the photography podcast that interviews people from the photography world.


In this week’s show we feature Diana Nygren, artist from Boston, USA. I was lucky enough to come across Diana through Debe Arlook who was exhibiting at the Griffin Musuem too!  In the words of Diana “her work explores the way people relate to their physical environment, be it urban, rural, or natural.”  This it totally evident through her different projects that show these themes.  For instance we have a discussion on the urban scheme for her “when the trees are gone”.  Honestly please check it out, its a great take on the future of our world.  


We also go through her covid project “just another alice” all about very small photography.  Moving through her work we look at “the persistence of family”  and “beyond this place there be dragons”.  We have a lovely time going through life, family and travel together with our thoughts on the environment too.


So in this one we discuss:

  • Griffin musuem
  • presenting your work
  • realities of art
  • portfolio reviews
  • composite images
  • covid projects
  • relatives
  • glaciers



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Thanks to Diana who sent these pictures for you all to see.