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Debe Arlook – Meditation, perception and fun

Welcome to photography insights, the show that interviews people from the photography world.  I’m your host Andrew Walmsley and today we have an interesting artist from Santa Monica, USA for you.  Debe Arlook is today’s lovely guest who is not also an fine art photographer, but writer, mentor and curator for Pasadena Photography arts too.

Debe talks to us about her projects including “emptiness defined”, “forseeable cache”, “edge of an american dream”, “semblance, “mirage” and “scene heard”.  It was a big undertaking to get so much content so we’ve done our best to get this down to 60 minutes for you.  She is all about how life has handed her new turns and twists, from divorce to spirituality and being mindful.    Towards the end we even discuss why its important just to observe and how 1 hour looking at something can help you.

So in this one we discuss:

  • Instagram Live
  • existential questions
  • Spiritually minded
  • abstractness
  • presentation
  • editing
  • colour choice
  • intention
  • transitions
  • covid
  • artist statements
  • creating narrative



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Other links discussed in the show:

Digits: A Parallel Universe



It was very strange but I’ve done my first model shoot – my god it was tough getting used to this.  Even managed to use some Kodak colorplus on a family seaside day.  During the bank holiday I also managed to walk around Sheffield on a rainy day with a friend too – it’s not always about photography.



As you all heard last week the zine was launched and its out of stock – so really chuffed.  Thank you all to my mates who bought copies – you know who you are 🙂


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Extra content

Debe was kind enough to send over the images we discussed during the podcast.



Please don’t forget i’ve launched the KO-FI donation page, for anyone wanting to help me fund improvements to the show.  I’m wanting to start off with a new microphone as I was correct, its already falling apart and my headphones too.

Thanks go to last weeks guest too-  he provided our first official donation.  Honestly its really appreciated, so cheers Steven.