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Coping with covid (the series)

Welcome to “coping with covid”, it is my attempt to document this virus. The series will look at the viewpoint of others from different areas of the photography world. There will be personal thoughts from myself too, so you can understand what is going through my mind.


One of the methods I have devised is to offer people one place they can all write together and share thoughts and options on simple questions.

A google document was created that allows multiple people to access and write concurrently. This seemed the simplest method for people to start and they don’t need to worry about buying software et cetera.

Podcasts (personal)

During the start of the coronavirus, I admitted my workload was going to affect my podcasting. To find out what has been going within my household, my life and photography work.

Coping with covid (guests)

During the beginning of April, I thought carefully about what I could do and an idea formed to start talking to fellow creatives. I had already been contacting my friends and ex-guests from my show to see how they were. A couple of people volunteered to discuss what was happening and off we went.

After days of this first interview, I realised I wanted to expand it to more people and globally too. This would help educate us all on what is relevant to each country and how they are different. It’s more about fellow creatives and seeing how they are living day to day in their localities.

Podcasts so far:

Marius & Paul from the UK (a model & photographer)link

Bob Patterson ( publisher of Street Photography mag) – from the east coast of the USAlink

Paul Lefko (photographer + therapist) – from the west coast of the USAlink

Ashley Hoff (analog photographer) – from Adelaide, Australialink

David Collyer (analog photographer + front line worker) from Wales, UKlink

Silvergrain Classics (analog community/business + magazine) from Germany link


Thanks so much for checking out this work, I hope you have enjoyed listening to these podcasts. It is always a pleasure to talk with people in the community and especially when they are this kind.

Giving up their time has been very nice of them and especially under these strange times. Each one talks about life in their country, their locality and homes, so thanks for opening up.

Remember all content is only there opinion and not of any government, nor is it aimed at providing any health advice.