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Consistency, Ektar & volleyball (interview with Jennifer Lawrence)

Consistency, Ektar & volleyball

Consistency, Ektar & volleyball

(an interview with Jennifer Lawrence)

Consistency, Ektar & volleyball sums up Jennifer and episode 28.  In this latest episode of Phlogger presents, we have another lovely guest. Jennifer Lawrence is a film photographer from Chicago, USA. She works in the portrait/family/lifestyle world and shoots Kodak Ektar!

Jennifer is a mother, business owner and photographer.  She talks to us about life in her role and provides some useful insights.  She was a wonderful guest on the show, very knowledgeable and friendly.

If you are in the Chicago area, please check out her services.

*** we have put a break in this episode due to the length ***

We discuss:
– photography in schools
– Ektar + Portra
– Canon 1d
– why Jennifer won’t use Fuji xt2
– Teaching film
– Lotto winning plans
– Business acumen
– Shooting in the sun


Jennifer is put through the questions, so find out why volleyball is important and who her favourite Batman is.


In Part 1
0 – 9 introduction + film
10 – portrait sessions + film
40 – autofocus,children and metering
45 – favourite sessions

Part 2
51 random questions
64 starting in business + being professional
85 studio work + shooting models
95 projects + teaching at film camp
113 jennifers websites and details



Instagram –
Website –


Music intro by Paul Grant
Image by Andrew Walmsley (shot on film)




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