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Clay McBride – interview with a music photographer

interview with music photographer cover art

Welcome to episode 58 of Photography insights, your one-stop guide to interviews with people in the photography industry.  This time we feature the amazing Clay Patrick Mcbride from New York City.

He is a senior lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York where he teaches advertising photography.  

Throughout his career as a magazine photographer, he has worked on many assignments with famous musicians like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Norah Jones.  You can see many examples of this on his website (see links for info).  He tries to leave time to use film too in his work and loves his 5×4 camera.

*** quick disclaimer, there are a few swear words in this episode, very minimal though ***

We talk about different areas as he’s one cool guy, these include:

  • Inspire through quality
  • Norah Jones/kid rock
  • Research your subject
  • Being authentic
  • Music/assignment photography
  • Work from the ground floor
  • Building relationships
  • Why shoot film
  • Using polaroids for print s


  • Shooting eggs to understand lighting
  • Podcasting as a learning platform
image of egg
(Phlogger’s experimentation with lights and eggs as discussed in show)


Clay also goes through my random questions so find out why he breaks the rules and punches everyone!  Also, we put bets on how famous N.F will be in 10 years time compared to Eminem! (yes, I will be wrong).


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