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Christmas special with the Phlogger

Merry Christmas everyone, it’s December 2019 and my final show of the year (although this will miss the usual Wednesday slot since its Christmas).  The idea behind this show was to look back over the year and talk about what has been happening in terms of meetups, blogging and podcasting.

Obviously we are going to go through the results of the Kodak competition too, so stay tuned to the end for that.


Well, what a year, as far as blogging is concerned I wrote articles for:

Analogue Wonderland 




Street Photography magazine.  

Guest submissions

We even had a guest article by David on my website about shooting infrared film too (check it out here).

We managed to interview Valentin Rizan too, one of the most prolific film shooters at the minue who produces such amazing work.

More of this in 2020.


Occasionally there has been a group photoshoot and one model session too, which I really enjoy. The group shoots have been arranged by Jay Clarke at the x-church in Gainsborough.  They are fantastic for learning, sharing, practising and networking.  

It would be impossible to thank all the models individually, there are so many but a few turn up regulars like Jay Brown, Marius, Tink and Gail. Cheers guys and gal’s it was a massive help to my confidence and learning to work with you.

During December I shot a wedding too, it was to help a friend’s daughter out in my home town of Scunthorpe.  After checking out the venue earlier in the year I anticipated my gear would not be suitable but arranged something to get past this.  Hopefully, in due course in the new year, I can show you some photos from this session.  Shooting in December indoor is never easy and without light, you have no photo, so it was challenging.


As far as friendships are concerned, there are just times when you meet like-minded people.  You cannot do this every time, but when you do it’s a long-lasting relationship.  These are (in no particular order):

Jason Lane

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steve lloyd the innovator - selfie

Steve Lloyd

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edward curtis, graybills & drinking with john lennon

John & Coleen Graybill

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advert for interview with quinn jacobson

Quinn Jacobson

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David & Ned Collyer

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John Hughes

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Andrew Sanderson

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tuan bui interview - profile picture

Tuan Bui

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During 2019 the secret project ended, full details will be released in due course.   The Washi project started and there was one update about issues with the camera, more details soon.

For 2020, there is a street photography project due which is tailored around a few individuals and talks are ongoing with some analogue photographers for another too.

Meet ups

In early 2019 we managed to catch up with a few faces at the Photography Show and it was the first time I managed to speak with the likes of Stephen at Kosmo, Paul at Analogue Wonderland, Steve Lloyd at Chroma Camera, Sunny16 podcast team, Sam at Solarcan and John Whitmore to name a few.

I was fortunate to catch up with Paul Lefko from L.A. during December. He was passing through the country from his trip to Africa on his way home, so we caught up for an hour during his brief layover in Heathrow airport.  We’ve spoken so much on the phone over the year and it was a real pleasure to see each other in real life and get a quick preview of his trip.   

Paul Lefko & his Leica

On the way home from meeting Paul, I dropped in at Cambridge to meet up with John Hughes.  Again a great pleasure to see John doing what he does best. It’s always intriguing to see people in their natural element and chasing light.  He’s a very gifted street photographer and for more details check out my “walk with” article.

Tai, John Hughes & myself


Wow, what a year! Not one but 2 amazing analogue publications. Having managed to read copies of both was really useful. There are so different but still cover the world of film, large format, polaroid and pinhole artistry.

I managed to write about my review of Photoklassik and will add one for Analog Forever soon!

My friend Jay Good put his own magazine together too, with artists from his Facebook group (link here).

Kodak Alaris competition

Due to the number of entries we have delayed this until the first week of January.  Winners will be announced directly and then on social media, the podcast etc.

Please watch out for the podcast as we hope to bring you a little information about Kodak Alaris and the future, so stay tuned.


I would like to thank my friends for their continued support and help over the years teaching me how to improve my portraiture and lending me gear too.  These are namely:

Tobias Beachwyld, Leon Broomhead, Jay Good, Jay Clarke, Stephen Rendall, Bob Patterson and Jon Scrimshaw.

It wouldn’t be correct without thanking Paul at Analogue Wonderland for the continued support and allowing me to write for him. He’s been a great resource too, so I appreciate all the help.


During 2020 your first podcast due is with Bellamy at Japan Camera Hunter, there will be a fighter pilot due and many more to come.

Want to be interviewed??? Don’t be afraid of approaching me with your ideas, send me a link and sell your story.

Finally thanks so much to Andy & Charlie at Kodak Alaris for supporting my work and supplying the goods needed. This relationship is very important and I can’t wait for future competitions and projects together.


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