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Christmas comes to Lincoln – part 1

My first trip to the Lincoln Christmas market and what a delight, I could walk around see the stalls and merchandise in the pale of the moon.

image of handmade item at lincoln market

The above figure was on display in one of the small indoor stalls, a variety of animals lovingly made from metal.




You cannot forget the amount of food choices, especially those treats, more often seen at the seaside resort.

image of handmade felt dog at lincoln market


image of toy handmade carriage

The dog and carriage were taken from another indoor stall, carefully presented on a table top just waiting to be snapped.  As a promise to the stall owner, the images hopefully show your beautiful work, my wife was very impressed.   To see more of her work – click here 

image of cheese stall at lincoln market

The range of cheeses were too indulgent for my weak mind, so after a small purchase I took this image to showcase the variety of colours.

Not so technical bit

Yes I took these at night, trying to do so without disturbing customers and not using flash/tripod took some playing with – some stalls were well lit others not so.  Everything was taken on my new f1.8 lens, so was great to try something new.


Thanks for reading and more to come…



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