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Christmas comes to Lincoln – part 2

One thing about a Christmas market, was more opportunities to take different photo’s, from the food and gifts, to lights and rides.  So in this installment let’s look at the lights and rides!

image of ferris wheel pink big_wheel_spin lincoln_big_wheel


Some may see the ferris wheel as an “eyesore” but to a photographer it means choosing between still shot or action!  The pictures were taken in the day (over exposed one to focus on colour).  Hopefully you will see how different the pictures can look from a “standard” photo showing the wheel moving with boring colours.


Capturing the tree seemed important due to the season and it’s placement in the cathedral square, but looking closer the messages moved me more than the tree, hence the focus on these and the blur of the tree lights.

image of paper lights

Walking up to the still I was amazed by the beauty, a simple concept to emit light with patterns, the detailing is wonderful, nice hosts too.


Final thoughts

I loved the Christmas market and even went back in the day with the family, their was food, rides and some purchases, who can ignore the surroundings too, a castle, a cathedral and history all around.

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