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Cat Gwynn – authenticity, cats and iPhones

Welcome to the cat show (aka episode 141 of photography insights), the show that interviews people from the photography world.  I’m your host Andrew Walmsley and today we have a guest from Los Angeles.  Cat Gwynn has Welsh ancestry (as you will find out) who is a photographer, writer, teacher, talker and mindfulness practitioner.

Cat has such a fun personality, that we decided to name this one the cat show – well she has the flashing neon light, so why not. We covered so much from laughs to the reality of life in this one so bare with us!

When I first started talking with Cat about her projects I just couldn’t wait to talk, the projects she has worked on are lovely.  From the fun of “the cat is me” and “smoking dudes” to the serious tones of “Cry”.  Cat’s life has had ups and downs, like surviving through cancer.  She talks about her life through this disease and how she made her infamous “10 mile radius” project.  So in this one we will discuss:

  • lockdowns & gata blanca
  • Michael Kirchoff
  • creating a book
  • cats & mannerisms
  • meeting in person
  • shooting on an iPhone
  • meeting on facebook
  • buddhism
  • irony
  • questions from the Phlogger’s daughter!

Also find out the name of Cat’s future pet cat too.  Of course we go through my random questions too!


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