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Carol Golemboski – magic, raspberries and teaching

Welcome to episode 140 of photography insights and I’m your host Andrew Walmsley.  This is the show that interviews people, artists, models and photographers from around the world.  Today we pop across to the west of America and talk with Carol Golemboski.


Carol teachers alternative processes at the University of Colorado in Denver.   Not only that but she is an artist in her own right with some interesting projects.  One of the projects is based on anthotypes and its another old process that uses the sun.  You will hear about her passion for the analogue world including the darkroom to produce her work.  Another piece of Carol’s work we talk about is based around magic using processes like photograms.  We finish talking about an app she created to showcase her “psychometry” project on magic related anitques.

In this one we discuss:

  • energy & rewards teaching
  • teacher questions
  • boiling emulsions
  • remote teaching
  • lumen prints
  • re-using products
  • emulsions from organic materials
  • exposing fruit
  • photograms
  • photographing antiques
  • magic



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My latest article is now live on my website  and is called a darkroom session with Jay and Paul.  It’s about teaching my friends this older way of printing your work using creative techniques.  We had a lot of fun and it was great to see both of them working away and create work they are proud of.

(examples photos from the darkroom session)

Extra content

Carol was going on a trip but managed to get these examples over before she left – which is really appreciaetd.