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Interview with camera inventor Ethan Moses from Cameradactyl

It’s so nice to interview from the different areas of the photography world and this one is definitely that!  I remember Ethan launching the Kickstarter project for Cameradactyl back in 2018 and thought wow, how colourful is that, such a different approach.

camera inventor ethan moses - cameradactyl 4x5 field camera

Ethan has done a cracking job with the camera and launched all manner of accessories for cameras (not just his large-format model).  He has now ventured into making a handheld 4×5 which is a great concept.  Now I know not everyone is going to be thrilled about the products he makes or the choice of materials.  But this is 2019, there are not many options unless you have unlimited funds and some accessories he makes are only available second hand, as they relate to cameras from the 70+80’s.

What’s amazing about Ethan is that he has a business mind, an engineers mind and also a photographers eye, so it was quite easy to go between business and building in the same sentence.  In this one we discuss:

  • DIY at 10 years old
  • Home depot camera build challenge
  • Touring/selling in 50 states
  • Making 4×5/6×9 camera’s
  • Business decisions
  • Making custom ideas
  • Youtube + monetising
  • Scaling manufacturing
  • opensx70 project
  • Custom build/prints
  • Problems with home production
  • Building a mini-lab film processor


Random questions

Ethan easily answers our strange questions that involve:

– which mythical creature lives In Africa

– Eddie the Eagle!

– $1 million button

– Morning glory flowers

– Ideal presents for 90-year-old’s


Extra content


camera inventor ethan moses - hand held 4x5 camera
Hand held 4×5 camera (OG)


camera inventor ethan moses - 6x9 camera
6×9 camera


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