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Beautiful landscapes

I wanted to address a style you may have seen but only a couple of times myself – HDR, it’s a posh way of saying more colours/tones.

Cameras really struggle in certain light, especially sunsets as you maybe focusing on the sun and end up with a very bright photo or the other way and have a darker photo.  This is really inevitable so one way round is using multiple photos of the same shot but with different amounts of light.  It’s a good way of averaging out 1 amazing photo built up of several different ones.

HDR can be made to look how you want and I recently purchased some new software to help with this (you end up with a massive file) which can kill your computer (mine often locks up), but hey that’s for another time.

So I have included here a small selection of images taken in this manner (mainly taken nearby to me) and hope you like.

saxilby field hdr

Saxilby, Lincolnshire

saxilby hdr fields

Saxilby, Lincolshire (same field different view)

car landscapre clouds

Local pub grounds, Burton Waters, Lincolnshire

wigsley field and carriage

Wigsley, Lincolnshire

lincoln court hdr

Lincoln Court, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

coleby tower hdr

Coleby, Lincoln (ex WW2 RAF base)

wigsley field hdr

Wigsley, Lincolnshire


Nikon d7000 + 17-70mm Sigma lens (wider the better for landscapes)

Tripod (to take 3 images exactly the same!)

Bracketing function on camera

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