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Interview with award winning photographer Gulnara Samoilova

Hey everybody, welcome to episode 94 of photography insights and today we are going to feature another great artist.  As I said in my previous episode I’m trying to reach out to a wider scope of people and this is another example – a photographer from Russia!  

Gulnara comes from the region of Autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan and was the only female photographer.  She moved into the world of press photography under the belt of “associated press” in the USA.  She has won competitions and awards including world press photo.  Her work is known around the world now and one example is that of 9/11, where she was at ground zero.  In this podcast we do not discuss this as her interview with Bob at Street Photography Magazine covers all you need to know (plus its a great magazine).

I came across Gulnara because of her awards and her lovely work with street photography.  Gulnara is the founder of “” too, where she showcases work of others. One of Gulnara’s projects caught my eye and listen out as we discuss hand painting.

Areas discussed

  • book collecting
  • shooting 40 years
  • importance of mentors
  • right critique & feedback
  • darkroom master
  • making chemicals
  • appreciating your homeland
  • being happy & proud of your work
  • workshops in Russia
  • lockdown + first book
  • teaching street
  • Instagram feeds & personality
  • artists residency + PAID trip to NYC


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Extra Content

For anyone who listened to the podcast you heard me say Gulnara has authorised me to showcase some photography. So hope you enjoy:

Lost Family project by Gulnara
Hand painted project by Gulnara
Street photography in UFA (by Gulnara)
award winning photographer Gulnara  - street photography ufa
Street photography in UFA (by Gulnara)
award winning photographer Gulnara  - cuba street photography
Street photography in Cuba (Gulnara)
award winning photographer Gulnara  - 9/11
9/11 Documentary work (by Gulnara)
award winning photographer Gulnara  - 9/11
9/11 Documentary work by Gulnara
award winning photographer Gulnara  = portrait