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andrew sanderson – art, fun and prints

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 169 of photography insights. This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.


Today it’s a slightly shorter show than usual and one of the catch up’s I discussed about last year. There will be more of these over the coming months but will spread them out. This one features Andrew Sanderson from the UK, who was last on the show back in episode 66! So I thought it would be nice to near what Andrew’s worked on over the last couple of years.


Andrew is the infamous Ilford darkroom master who has helped many people. He is caring and knowledgeable person and often found helping us newbie’s out on Facebook groups. He recently started a new business and has launched a new Instagram at the same time. He’s offering a creative approach to printing. So instead of offering a straight lab print, if you allow him, he will provide his own artistic interpretation. I think it’s a great idea and already he’s seeing some interest in this idea.


In this one we discuss:

  • keeping people interested
  • kit&pro lenses
  • weird lens guy
  • fun
  • art galleries


Please do check out Andrew’s new feed and he’s also sent over an example image of a print he’s made, so check that out on my website.



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Extra content

I asked Andrew for some examples of the service he talked about in the podcast. Sure enough he’s attached here a couple of examples and you can see the difference what a darkroom master can achieve.