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Andrew Bartram – The fens, skateboards and workshops

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 160 of photography insights. This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.

Today I talk with a fellow countryman and even has the same name, so 2 Andrew’s for the price of one – bargain! Some of you film fans will know Andrew Bartram from his podcasting – on both the “lensless podcast” or the “large format photography podcast”. He is one of those genuine souls you find the in community who doesn’t mind helping anyone. After working in the same industry for 40 years Andrew felt like a change and now he’s spending some time teaching others through the “Fenland Darkroom”. Personally I think its a fab thing to do and he’s hitting a group of people that often miss out – so listen out why.

He has experience with various types of film, cameras up to large format, different processes like tin types and decades in the darkroom. Andrew is frequently found on social media helping out and blogging too.

So in this one we talk about:

  • workshops
  • pricing
  • washi film
  • memory killers
  • ortho film
  • x-ray film
  • contact prints
  • collecting


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Recently i’ve had some annual leave from the day job so been in the darkroom. It’s been great to be back and playing around with ideas. I would never know how to classify my work or what I do. I have a liberal approach to my art, sure this is science but most of it is experimenting. Recently I have played with perspectives, tried montage/mirroring, used blue some dye and old paper. This weeks guest has got me thinking too, so let’s see.

I’m pleased to say my film washi project has now completed too – this is the one that involved the smallest film company in the world and a 72 exposure camera. It was a lot of fun sending this off to random people around the UK and France. Of course we were delayed by covid so it’s taken a little time. Anyway watch out for an article soon on this.

Extra content

Andrew has kindly passed a few examples of his photography work and some from his workshops! So nice to see behind the scenes.

Andrew Bartram

Fenland cottage is a subject I return to again and again – the boat is an 8×10 XRay film pinhole print, the pinhole double exposure is from my “hotel ghosts” series made on the run up to my leaving full time work , wild bills print from USA road trip and a Lith print from Montmartre cemetery – the rest are workshop photos