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Analog Forever Magazine – the review

The Analog Forever magazine review was something I had planned to do for some time, so let me apologise for the delay!  Having been involved with the 2 main forces of the magazine from the very beginning – Michael Behlen & Michael Kirchoff, its a great pleasure to get my hands on a printed copy.

So let’s give you a bit of a background on the magazine, what it’s all about and show you some examples of the people and their photography featured.

Analog Forever magazine thickness

The brand

As we have discussed above the 2 Michael’s (as I call them) are the people behind the concept.  They started life over a year ago by launching a website with the intention of starting a following and the end product being this beautiful magazine.

Michael Behlen has been especially busy on social media trying to work with collaborators for the website and has seen amazing growth.  They have partnered up with companies to run competitions too. It’s been really interesting to see their approach of gallery submissions, online interviews from some top artists (one of mine even made it once too).

Their hard work over the build-up was very fruitful as they built up relationships around the globe for distribution.  Finally, we were treated to the launch in Winter 2019.

Analog Forever – Blue Mitchell

The magazine

Once you see the magazine you might be shocked by the weight and size, it’s slightly smaller than (few centimetres) than most publications and came in at just under 600grams!  However, you get 124 pages of colour content, including a softcover, all for the price of $25 (£25 from Analog Wonderland). Whilst I appreciate that’s more expensive than other magazines, however, this isn’t a regular monthly type.

Now, just think about that, 600 grams is very heavy, so not really a standard magazine, more of a journal or special edition feel.  It’s high-quality pages and minimal advertising on the covers (front & back) so there is no distraction from art.

I’m sure you are like me when it comes down to books and magazines, layout and fonts are everything (yes I’m a font fanatic!)  They have done a great job here too, with so many photos but still left for some text to give them some relevance. It feels like every artist has been given enough words and so many images.  They are laid out in different styles, sometimes 1 to a page, sometimes 4 in a standard way, yet on others, they’ve maintained authenticity of rough edges of our amazing analogue world.

The choice of font and placement of such text around images is carefully adopted too, leaving enough margins for the reader to leaf through the pages.  One nice point which I feel is fundamental to a reader any artist is a small section with their website and Instagram details. I can’t thank them enough for including this, as for people like myself, we use these artists for inspiration and admiration.  In my case it allows me to actually follow their work, so adds some karma for all their effort. Of course, being a podcaster there are many examples of people I would love to work with.  

Analog Forever – Mads Madison

The artists

As I have repeatedly said through this review, magazines like this are only as good as the artists involved and you will not be disappointed.  There is enough variety of styles and technology used by photographers. I truly believe you will learn about new practices or processes by looking through it.  Personally I was struck by people like Mads Madison project as it was so different and I’ve ended up interviewing him myself, so check this link!

They must have really struggled to narrow this edition to 11 people, but on the other hand, it allows them to provide you with some depth of imagery.  You should be grateful too, as whats hides in the 124 pages represent a true kaleidoscope of work. 

The approach they have taken with the magazine is to showcase interviews with artists, so it is a different approach.  I think with the layout, styling and ethos it really suits their magazine, plus, there are many other resources elsewhere for articles, guides and reviews.

Analog Forever – Yelena Zhavoronkova


Analog Forever magazine – well I aimed to write a minimal amount for the review because words are just part of the picture, you need to hold this in your hands.  Smell the pulp, feel the weight, engage with the content and smile.

For people like myself, it’s a creative source for ideas, for suggestions into techniques and processes I’ve never attempted. It also feels like a precursor to the future and a waiting list of people for me to interview!

Honestly, I love what they have done and it’s another positive step for our community. Mr Behlen and Mr Kirchoff thank you so much for bringing this to the world.  I know you will only keep improving, because of both being so active in the community and working tirelessly for the greater good.

Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to the next issue.

PS All photographs were taken with the permission of Michael Kirchoff.

Analog Forever – Cover

Further Information

It’s fun reading the magazine, but it was great to write Analog forever magazine – the review. To find out more about the people behind it, try these links.

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