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AJ Holmes – large format & Negative Supply

We are fast approaching Christmas 2020 everyone, so merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

Recently I came across some lovely portraiture work using large format through Instagram.  After commenting on a few and scrolling through their work I realised how much it inspired me.  Shooting large format with family is now mean fete!  I then looked for contact details and realised it was AJ Holmes the co-founder of Negative Supply!  So this got me thinking it would be nice to talk to them about their products and ethos.

It was really nice to engage with AJ, you can hear the passion he has for this large medium.  But not only that, you can tell from his tone, he truly cares about his family and the film community.  AJ originates from Tennesse, in the south of USA. He’s been shooting film for over 14 years now, which started with his Canon Rebel – a sensible present from his parents.   Though he started university with business, he soon found his passion for photography!

AJ talks to us very openly about this body of work, his travels, and running Negative supply.  Since it’s near christmas we go through a few of my xmas themed random questions too.

So watch out for these talking points:

  • 4×5 and 8×10 format
  • posing family
  • razor thin DOF
  • rise/tilt shifts
  • exhibition/show
  • corona portraits
  • starting with large format
  • scanning
  • inventors
  • having employees


Of course being in the industry of making products, we had to talk about the other amazing brands including Cameradactyl, Chroma Camera and pixl-latr.

We also discuss my friend Mark Stein and his lovely work with neon signs.


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Extra content

AJ was kind enough to let me use some of the photos from his website which highlight his lovely large format work.