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Adam Lee – a photographer, a donkey and travelling

I’m pleased to introduce you to Adam Lee aka “adams walks”.  He’s a guy who loves travelling on foot and camping around.  Recently he walked the entire length of the UK with a donkey named Martin!!!  It’s a fascinating story a man and a pack animal, how they learnt about each other and kept plodding on.  He managed to write on his blog a little about this and even from the perspective of Martin the donkey – which is funny, so check out the links.  

Fingers crossed Adam will get published too, as he’s working on a book about his trip (one of a few).  Adam’s also work on long term plans to walk China with a mule for company.

I’m thankful to my friend Tobias for introducing Adam (Tobias featured on this episode).

adam lee portrait with martin
Adam with Martin teh donkey (credit to Michael Kirkham)
  • Walking with martin the donkey
  • Working with pack animals
  • Blogging as donkey
  • Teaching photography in Oban
  • Wild camping
  • Residential photography courses
  • Socially engaged photography
  • Portraiture when travelling
  • Why shoot digital & fun
  • “Bookcase” photography project
  • Thoughts on Fuji x-pro


Random questions

Find out what sport Adam would take part in and where he would like to shoot if he was in space.  

He even plans his next adventure with a dinosaur!



Website (business) – www.adamleephotography

Blog  (personal with Martin) –

Instagram – @adamswalks

Facebook –


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