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Abba, pole dancing and karate (Indrija Kustov interview)

cover for indrija kustov podcast

It’s been a while since we interviewed a model, so after some time i’ve finally tracked down the talented Indrija Kustov.

Indrija is a young lady who has worked with some great photographers, make up artists and re-touchers.  Her work has been published and more than anything loves the creative side.  She is an extremely busy person working several jobs and found time for us.

We discuss

  • Living in Lithuania
  • singing with a tribute act
  • travelling to Cambodia
  • prints vs digital images
  • modelling  + working with MUA’s
  • future plans
  • pitfalls of group shooting
  • martial arts
  • how to get through long days
  • campaign against straws
  • Indrija’s spirit animal
  • Who would play Indrija in her autobiography?
  • Importance of lifeguard training


0   background to Indrija, singing and music

14  film and printing

20  starting up in modelling

27  group shooting

29  pole fitness and martial arts

36  coping with long days

39  creativity and style ideas 

43  photographers and working with Indrija

56  being published

58  random questions

83  social media links + future guests


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