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A photographer’s influence with David Collyer and Tobias Beach-Wyld

Welcome to episode 113 entitled a photographer’s influence with David Collyer and Tobias Beach-Wyld. For those outside the UK, we have come out of the current lockdown. We are now in a tier system that allows different measures and freedoms.

To carry on our journey towards learning and education, I wanted to try and get a few people on together.  The idea was to talk about some artists and their influences on life and maybe themselves too.  I’m lucky to have such a kaleidoscope of people I can call on – so this time we have David Collyer and Tobias Beach-Wlyd.  Both fabulous people and photographers in their own rights.

The podcast

We have a discussion on a few artists, projects, and photos.  What I will do is put these all in the show notes for you, so you can visualise what we are talking about.  Everyone did their best to be descriptive as possible anyway so it will be interesting to hear if you follow on.  The artists covered in this podcast are Black Star, Don Mccullin, Philip Jones Griffiths, Kate Bellis and Nick Waplington.

I’m continually trying to improve my knowledge of the arts and sessions like this are really useful.  It’s always good to see a new project and find a new artist to follow.  This time of knowledge may help you in your own work in the future.


In this one we discuss:

  • Abergavenny bric-a-brac
  • David’s bargain print
  • magnum agency
  • landscapes
  • self documentary work
  • contact sheets
  • double stroke Leica
  • real life
  • middle-class tourists
  • Martin Parr
  • long-form stories


Point 51 Magazine –

British Journal of Photography –



Nick Waplington –

Don Mccullin –

Kate Bellis –

Black Star –

Philip Jones Griffiths –


Podcaster guests

David website –

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These represent the photographs talked about during the show.

Imagery by Nick Waplington