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A little bit of arson?

A little bit of arson – a look at light painting with fire

light painting with fire

One of the fun things with photography is the variety of shots, with dark comes the opportunity for “light painting”.

light painting with fire

As you can see, the darker the location the more glow you get and using the streets is perfectly safe – it was actually raining!

Not so technical bit

Equipment – whisk, steel wool, battery, cord, lobster clip

Camera – Canon 550d, tripod, f1.8 lens and long exposure (wire wool lasts 15-20 secs)

These shots were taken just as it finished raining so all the ground was very wet and safe for the effect. NOTE – DO NOT TRY ALONE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. ITS VERY EASY TO SET THINGS ON FIRE, WOOL IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE.

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