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A catch up with Paul from Analogue Wonderland

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 154 of photography insights. This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.

I have been shooting film for about 5 years now (or so I believe) and buying it initially online was always daunting. The world is very different now with so many places to buy from but that offer more than just a place to buy. Luckily I came across Paul at Analogue Wonderland just over 3 years ago. It was clear he had a fresh approach to the industry and quickly established his business. From his initial interview back in August 2018 I wanted to reach out again to try and summarise whats happened to Analogue Wonderland in the last 3 years.

Paul always seemed like one of us and felt like you were dealing with a friend and investing in something good. From the reviews side to the loyalty rewards, it just felt he had really nailed the film sector. I’m always keen on following people that do good things and Paul is definitely one (as you will soon find out).

Because its late September 2021, the photography show has just finished too so we had time to talk about Hamish Gill and Paul’s involvement in the Analogue spotlight segment. I’m not hear to tell you where to buy your stuff from, thats not me. I only tell you about businesses I like and the ones I use. On a personal level I’m thank full to Paul for the introductions too, which has brought some fantastic guests like Lomig at Washi!

We’ve kept this episode short as it’s a catch up. So in this small episode we discuss:

– films stocks & covid

– colour 120 film

– cloning humans

– Pinsta camera

– analogue spotlight

– the film lab

– building a darkroom

– teams

– wonderbox


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