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6 wedding Instagram feeds to follow

6 wedding Instagram feeds to follow

Back in 2015 the Phlogger started his journey into photography, working mostly on landscape and architecture.  It soon dawns on you the way to earn money is through weddings.

Choosing to shoot weddings, for most is the step between having a hobby and wanting to earn full-time.  The jump is daunting and scary for most of us.

Wedding photographs always seem to have a common theme and results.  But something happened in the industry.  Look now at photographs and there has been a HUGE change in the quality and artistry.  Having witnessed this myself at my brother in law’s wedding, you get blown away by what is capable.

The interesting thing is that there is room for all types of creative people.  It’s not just about cost for everyone.  There are documentary-style shooters, creative styles, earthy tone style and dreamy type looks too.  These are not real types at all, but just a way of describing some of the people you will now see in this work.

Having taken part in some of a wedding myself, you can see why photographers love weddings.  For the pure out there, it’s simply magical to see people so happy and smiling.  Watching the anticipation and capturing this forever, is great.  Seeing those little babies and children act natural and play is very rewarding.

One thing you should know, they are extremely hard-working people who have to wear many hats.  They are not just photographers but have to great with time management, planning, billing and communication.   The list is endless and oh did I mention work a full day with very little downtime.

6 wedding instagram feeds
Composing the shoes of the bridal party (Nikon D200)

James Morris kindly allowed me a chance to shoot at a wedding with him. It was a casual arrangement to help a friend out and of course, I jumped.  The experience is incredible, yes your job is important.  But people like James enjoy the day as much as the wedding guests, so it’s not a job.

If you want to read more about this wedding experience shooting with James, the article is here.  You really should check it out, as the Phlogger shot medium format and 35mm film too!


Why other artists?

The idea behind this article was to become a series of artists.  This would involve friends and people we have worked with in the past.  But every artist will deserve to be on the list because of their images.

Initially, there will be a few of these recommended Instagram articles.  Each one is focused on a genre (portraits, architecture and street) but will expand to others too.


Why Instagram?

Instagram is a fantastic source for photography which is open to anyone around the world.  But in essence here are a few reasons:

  • quick
  • genres
  • worldwide
  • friendships
  • alerting

Pictures are a very quick and easy way to look at someone’s work. The Instagram app is fast so you can quickly scroll through hundreds of photos.  Using different feeds like the Phlogger, you can separate your interest to a specific account. This allows you to focus this account on one type of photographer.


With so many different genres of photography around, there is something for everyone.  You can search through hashtags ‘#’ or search for friends and artists.  Every field has thousands of examples, whether you are into Gothic portraits to drone photography or newborns.


Because Instagram is international, you have the world at your fingertips.  Each country will have something unique to their region, that maybe not possible where you live.  Think of the snowy countries like Russia and Canada.  Maybe you like the sun and palm trees from desert islands.


The Phlogger has met some lovely people because of Instagram. Some of these have been from China, Scandinavia to Washington in the USA.  It’s truly amazing that you can share a passion and within seconds, converse with them.  For instance, after chatting with Chris Miralles enough times we became friends and was interviewed for the blog (link here).


Instagram is always changing and developing new ideas. Recently they introduced video and story functions – more on this in future.  But a key function is the “notifications”.  These provide a push message on your smartphone when a new post is available from the artist.  if you “follow” an artist you will then see their work on your daily feed (like a Facebook wall).


6 wedding Instagram feeds to follow


In this article we are looking at 6 amazing wedding Instagram feeds to follow.  The feeds were chosen because their work that stands out.  So here goes with the list…

1 – Signature photography

6 wedding instragram feeds

It had to start off with Jeni Lowe from Signature photography.  She started me off with some sage advice and practise a few years back.  Jeni and I worked in a school together (hope not giving secrets away).

One thing that strikes you about Jeni is her passion.  You can see her work is not just about photography, she uses great sets and products to deliver her masterpiece.

She has a natural way with people and helps you relax – trust me on this.  My small family was lucky enough to have a shoot with her.  The session was just us playing and you forget Jeni is there and taking shots.

The wedding and portrait/baby photography is to the highest standard.  If referring work to anyone Jeni is top of the list.  Jeni is not just a photographer, but an artist and kind person.

Please check out her work – @signaturesnapper

2 – James Morris photography

6 wedding instragram feeds

James Morris is a (UK) talent who is improving and expanding his goals every day.  He is a kind and friendly person who simply loves weddings.

Working with him in 2017 it’s clear he enjoys the day and takes time to get to know the wedding party.  There is no-one more hard-working and prepared than James.  He uses a mix of technology to capture the right look for the shot and doesn’t get in people’s way.

Running a Facebook group you will also see him arranging portraiture shoots and working on personal projects.  In between shooting film and creating his own presets he is a father too.

James work shows some traditional shots, but then some documentary look pictures.  Recently he has experimented with prisms and black and white too.

He has built a successful business in only a few years and is trying to help others now.

Please check his feed – @jamesmorrisphotography8989

Want to know more about James?  Check the Phlogger’s interview with James – here


3 – Addison Jones

6 wedding instagram feeds

When looking for professional people in weddings check this feed.

Addison works in Ohio (USA) and another different wedding photographer.  After recently coming finding her work on Instagram, her feed was quickly followed.  Traditionally wedding photography used to have a more dreamy look and white perfect look, with few shadows.

Well, enter Addison and look at the interesting photography.  The imagery is nothing but shadows and detail where it matters.  For me, this type of work really stands out from the crowd.  There are so many other photographers producing similar pixel-perfect shots.

All the work shows thought, but more than anything – emotion.  There are some beautiful emotive shots captured using de-saturated and moody tones.  This type of work really converts to black and white well too.

If you are in the states, go book her now!  @addisonjonesphotography

4 – Devin Jenkins

6 wedding instagram feeds

Devin lives in the beautiful city of San Francisco (trust me it’s amazing).  You can see how popular his work is from the number of comments on his Instagram pictures.

The work shows a pretty unique type of imagery and composition.  He totally understands the depth of field in his work. He incorporates some stunning backgrounds into his shots.  What makes him unique are the pre-wedding pictures (assuming this is correct), they are simply hilarious.  He obviously puts in the time to relax his subjects and understands them.  There are even more sentimental and sensual shots of the couples.

He does all this with earthy mood tones too, which just shows you don’t need lots of colour. The imagery is really interesting to see and lure you in.

Please rush over and check Devin’s work – @devinjenkinsphoto

5 – Highfiveforlove

6 wedding instagram feeds

We are looking across the pond again (for us from the UK) to look at Nashville this time.  Highfiveforlove is a man and wife photography team – Chrissy and Eddie Irvin.

Eddie runs a site called Grain Happy that provides great tutorials for beginners.  After taking his flash photography course a couple of years ago, the Phlogger started following his work.  Eddie was always kind enough to reply to messages and emails advising us beginners.  Acting as a mentor is an important lesson for both parties.  During 2017 he agreed to work with the phlogger on a type of interview – see here.

Watching his feed ever since you can see the love and care in the images.  The team of man and wife combine so well. If you had to pin a style, it would be earthy tones again but high contrast if anything.

Their pictures are set in everyday places but feature that loving moment.

Check out their website and followed their feed – @highfiveforlove


6 – Lauren Muckler

6 wedding instragram feeds

Back in January 2018 we started looking at her feed, watching the lovely images of babies and wedding couples appear before our eyes.

Once again we cannot get away from the quality work from the USA.  The work has that authentic and traditional look, light and airy.  It’s all about the high contrast and un-saturated tones.  She has caught some genuine candid moments in her work.

The baby shots are worth checking out too, which are all over the feed.  The feed is well presented and easy to follow too.  You just can’t but help stare and look at the next photo, then the next one.

Please check out her feed – @laurenmuckler



There you have seen 6 wedding Instagram feeds to follow.  The featured work from these artists is varied and interesting.  With so many millions of photographs and artists out there, it was difficult to pin down such a small selection.

It was nice to feature the people and show how much variety there is even in wedding photography!  A wedding is one life-changing event, so choosing the right photographer is critical.

Do not hesitate to check out their work and tell them the Phlogger recommended you.

6 wedding instagram feeds

We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to the next one.

If you want to see the Phlogger’s wedding work check out the blog article.  On this Instagram profile, you will see the film shots from the day too.

Thanks and see you next time.




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