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50th episode

Well folks we made it to episode, so that also means a year of podcasting.  For this one I wanted to have a relaxing chat with some of my prior guests and get an update to what has happened.


It’s been an amazing, emotional and hard working lesson in life.  I’ve met some very interesting characters around the world whom I now call friends.  From my early days of just using my mobile phone and playing with different ways of recording, i’ve settled down in to something custom built by myself.  This now allows me live video with my guests, which helps us with the conversation and allows me to see emotion.  Once I’ve converted this to audio I can then present the important part of our conversations.


For this show we have:

Paul McKay from Analogue Wonderland

Jon Scrimshaw from Instinctive Photography

Jason “speed plates” Lane of Pictoriographica

Steve Lloyd from Chroma Camera

Paul Lefko from L.A.

EM from



Yes this did take some planning and took a fair bit of time to get this episode ready for you.  Everybody on the show has interesting news since their podcast interviews and due listening to in their own right.  In summary we discuss:

  • life changes
  • collaboration
  • websites
  • Kickstarter + plate holders
  • latest shoots
  • podcasts
  • award nominations
  • scanning
  • origin of random questions


To mix this up everybody was invited to ask the Phlogger questions for a change.  One of my guests tries his hand at a new way to answer the questions too!  But find out:

  • Phlogger’s embarrassing accident
  • origin of random questions
  • why i’m an honorary scouser
  • my favorite film

I’m a humble person who loves to celebrate the work of other people, hopefully you will enjoy listening to our guests.  I really can’t thank you all for joining in this one off show.  A couple of people had to cancel or couldn’t make it, so a shout out to Dominique in New York, Leyton in Scotland and Ashley in Australia.


I’m nothing without my wonderful guests, each one has inspired me in a different way, each one has shown compassion and an insight in to their personality.  It is great to say many have remained friends and the Phlogger will always follow their work and showcase where possible.


Finally thanks to all you listeners too, i’m nothing without you and hope you get something out of the show.  My aims are to help educate people about other processes and genres of photography.  It’s important they remain fun but also show the personality of the person, its these insights that resonate within me.



0 mins – Paul McKay (Analogue Wonderland)

23 mins- Jon Scrimshaw (Instinctive Photography)

37 mins – Jason Lane + Steve Lloyd

66 mins – Paul Lefko

79 mins – EM (



Before I leave you all I should point out this is the first time someone else has done the intro (my wife), so hope you like it.  If you do maybe she will help with more – please give me some feedback!

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