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5 architecture Instagram feeds to follow

5 architecture instagram feeds to follow

5 Architecture Instagram feeds to follow

Back in 2015 the Phlogger started his journey in to photography.  The first genre shot was a mix of architecture and landscapes.  They provide a great way to get in to photography, as the focal point is still.  This allows you plenty of time to practise your craft and understand light.

Without thinking about it architecture has always been an influence on my life, through holidays and travel.  Even though in my early life photography was not evident, large buildings have always been of interest.  This includes the ancient castles of the UK, to churches, bridges and sky scrapers.

After picking up a camera, this allowed me to record my thoughts when visiting such amazing architecture.  Uploading these thoughts to the likes of the website and social media, this provided a way to showcase the work.

Separating the Instagram feeds in to portraiture, street, architecture, film and blogging really helped. This allowed people to follow and watch the work they are interested in.  Also, the opposite was true, so we could follow artists with similar interests on the specific Instagram account.

Why feeds by other artists?

The idea behind this article was to become a series about artists.  This would initially be about friends and people the phlogger has worked with.  In time this would expand to anyone with great work and recommendations from others.

Initially there will be a few of these articles, aimed around specific genres.  But they will become occasional, as we want to provide a selection of artists that stand out.  Some of these will be featured because they have communicated back with the phlogger.


Why Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic source for photography which is open to anyone around the world.  But in essence here are a few reason:

  • pictures are quick
  • many genres
  • artists from around the world
  • start friendships
  • alerting/notification functions

Pictures are a very quick and easy way to look at someone’s work. The Instagram app is fast so you can quickly scroll through hundreds of photos.  Using different feeds like the phlogger, you can separate your interest to a specific account. This allows you to focus this account on one type of photographer.

With so many different genres of photography around, there is something for everyone.  You can search through hashtags ‘#’ or search for friends and artists.  Every field has thousands of examples, whether you are in to Gothic portraits to drone photography or newborns.

Because Instagram is international, you have the world at your fingertips.  Each country will have something unique to their region, that maybe not possible where you live.  Think of the snowy countries like Russia and Canada.  Maybe you like the sun and palm trees from desert islands.

The phlogger has met some lovely people because of Instagram. Some of these have been from China, Scandinavia to Washington in the USA.  It’s truly amazing that you can share a passion and within seconds, converse with them.  For instance after chatting with Chris Miralles enough times we became friends and was interviewed for the blog (link here).

Instagram is always changing and developing new ideas. Recently they introduced video and story functions – more on this in future.  But a key function are the “notifications”.  These provide a push message on your smart phone when a new post is available from the artist.  if you “follow” an artist you will then see their work on your daily feed (like a Facebook wall).


5 architecture Instagram feeds to follow


In this article we are looking at 5 amazing architecture feeds to follow.  The feeds and artists covered are not just about photography.  They are about work that stands out.  Their work is lovely and worth checking out.  So here goes with the list…

1 – Julien Coty

Julien’s work is another example of great photography.  It’s very easy to fill your frame with a building, but that’s not art.  A good photography understands composition like Julien.  There are vertical lines, repeating patterns and simple colours in the work.  He regular posts and captures some very interesting buildings.  Definitely one to switch on notifications.

Please check his feed – @julien_coty


2 – Richard Choo

5 architecture instagram feeds to follow

Having only recently come across Richard’s work, now we cannot get enough.  Richard is very sociable too, regularly checks my feed and comments where necessary too.

He has some interesting patterns and lines in the work, sometimes with people too.  One that stands out is the black and white lady with only the top of her torso.

Check out his work here – @ric_choo


3 – Michael Rubinmay

Michael’s work shows the minimalism side of architecture too.  He uses simple colours and lines to present his work.  There are so many sky scrapers featured, which are a visual delight.  You have to commend this style of work, as its important to still feature selections of a building.    There are some great shots that face the sky and present another great angle.  At 22 years old, it’s just amazing how talented people are, the phlogger did not pick up a camera until 40!

Link to his work – @michaelrubinmay


4 – Bjorn Vijbrief

Similar minimalism style like Ricard Choo and Julien, but some are like mirrored patterns. The pictures seemed to be able to viewed upside down and would look the same.  Making these glass and concrete structures look interesting takes talent.  But Bjorn has done this, often with only 1 or 2 colours in the image too.  A personal favourite is the apartment building at Laan Van Spartaan in Amsterdam.

Link – @archi_art_vijbrief


5 – Eric Poon

Highlighting how far and reaching photography is, Eric is from Singapore.  His style again uses lines, spirals, patterns and reflections.  There are variety in his work, but the strongest are the buildings and spiralling staircases.  The work shows that diversity from taking photographs from different cities is interesting.  The size of the buildings and minimalist designs from Singapore are a visual treat.

Check out his feed – @sgpoonie.



There you have seen 5 architecture Instagram feeds to follow.  The featured work from these artists is just amazing.  With so many millions of photographs and artists out there, it was difficult to pin down such a small selection.

Do not hesitate to check out there work and tell them the Phlogger recommended you.

We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to the next one.  If you want to see the Phlogger’s architecture work, the link is here – @phlogger_framework.  On this Instagram profile you will see both digital and film work, which is expanding all the time.

Thanks and see you next time.




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