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2018 – The conclusion

The podcast thanks the guests from this year, who made the show what it is.  We are so grateful for all parties taking part including:

Models – Billie Gregory, Josh Maine, Safia Pixie

Digital Artists –  Sarah street; Luke Flisher; Jon from Instinctive; Jeni Lowe; James Morris; Stephen Rendall; Paul Lefko; Matt Jerrams; Dominique; Rahim Mastafa;

Film artists: Leyton  Cleveley, Rachel from Little vintage, Hanna & Michael from Revolog; Lomig from Washi; Ashley Hoff; Jennifer Lawrence; Steve from Chroma;

Magazines:  Bob Patterson (Street Photography Mag), Michael Behlen (Analogue Forever)

Retailers: Paul from Analogue Wonderland

Also we look back at what the Phlogger got up to in 2018 and what he has planned for 2019:

Have a wonderful New Year and look forward to hearing about your plans for 2019.