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2 ways to improve your photography workflow

Workflow getting you down – help is here!

There are different strands of photographers, from the humble casual to the keen amateur through to the working professional. But all these types have something in common, a workflow, so why not consider some useful tips to help you along the way.  Why waste time following the same patterns, when there are tools out there in the information highway to save you time and boost your productivity.

Through this article you will come across 2 examples to help you with your online presence.  This is not about editing, not about the art of photography or your experience.

TIP 1 – Stencil

Stencil is a brilliant way to use your photographs and turn them in to something useful for your social media presence either as adverts or poster or flyers (example below).

love visual thought by phlogger
created using Stencil

Stencil is recommended because of 2 reasons, it’s a great product and they listen to requests – if do not believe me, then check out my article here.

Using a chrome browser extension, you can easily upload your own content (stock photos are available).  From there you have options to adjust the image itself or add text, along with a range of filters and fonts to choose from.  Sure you might be able to do that on Photoshop shop or GIMP or another editing package so why bother?

The reason for using Stencil is simple:

  • it’s available where ever you are (using a browser)
  • link to social media accounts (buffer etc)
  • easy to use

Because of this portable power, you only need an internet connection to login your account, then go through the design.

To show you how simple the process is, in the following picture you can see some of the easy to use filters available, like black and white or opacity.

2 ways to improve workflow with buffer and stencil


Once the picture is ready you can add any text you like, you had full control over the size and it now supports google fonts too.  With easy options on the right you can move, resize and adjust the angle too!

stencil tool editing text


Who needs a paint package when you have this in the browser, available anywhere, allowing you freedom of movement to edit and create content as you please.  Once the image is ready there are options for saving to a template/online or downloading to your computer or social media sharing.

In the example below, you can see an image being shared to Buffer, but also options for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

2 ways to improve workflow with buffer and stencil


TIP 2 – Buffer

Buffer is another really useful website, but is available as an app on mobile devices!  It’s sole purpose is to publish content to the major social media sites using scheduling, simple!

Sounds too simple?  There are other ways to upload your content, but using one an application like Buffer you to get in a good habit and save time.

When you join/login you are ready to start posting your content, use a combination of simple language and an image for the best results. The first thing you want to do is to “connect” your accounts, so click the buttons on the left and sign to your Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

2 ways to improve workflow with buffer and stencil


From here you probably want to set up a regular schedule that matches your customers schedules, they even have a tool that will help you choose.

2 ways to improve workflow with buffer and stencil

If you work as part of a team you can collaborate and review posts before they go live (paid version only).  If you consider the paid option you also have access to much better reporting (you only get how many clicks or likes for free) and charting insights.

This has been a swift introduction to the product, but keep it simple, get a schedule set up once and get this working for you now.  Remember there is a mobile application too, so each time you snap something on your mobile get it on social media.

Ultimately with a “free for forever” account, you cannot go wrong, or for those who need the reporting and team functionality plans start at $10 a month.


You do not have to believe us about the tools, check them for yourself and start improving your improving your workflow.   Stencil is a personal favourite, because it’s very refreshing to have a company that communicates so well.

If you find these tools useful please forward to your colleagues and friends.

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