The Negative Journey Part 2

*** Note this page/title is work in progress ***

For those interested here is a brief of part 2:


  1. we send a camera (probably Olympus om10) with 36 exp film around the world
  2. each photographer gets 1 or 2 shots
  3. each photographer has a time limit (to be confirmed)
  4. each photographer completes a notebook/log/journal/video/drawing/story or something
image of the olympus om10

Olympus OM10 camera to be used in the project

What needs to be worked:

  • cost of sending
  • risk of theft/damage/loss
  • which film (b&w or colour)
  • the order it is sent (cheaper to post for shorter journeys)
  • agree on communication method (facebook/website/whatsapp/google docs etc)
  • what happens if the camera goes missing – insurance/who pays to replace it


Why I need help

To help understand the possibilites of this happening and safety in your country


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