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Magnets, previous lives and chroma

Magnets, previous lives and chroma

Magnets, previous lives and chroma

(an interview with the inventor of Chroma camera)

As we approach the winter period it’s time to talk large format. In this session, we have Steve LLoyd, the guy behind the “Chroma Kickstarter camera”.

Steve’s a fascinating guy who loves inventing and prototyping his own cameras. He’s even made backs for cameras and re-skinned them himself.

He talks about his childhood full of power tools, remote control boats, cars and planes! Obviously, we chat about Kickstarter, what he has learnt and how his Chroma camera is going.

Learn about:
– Leica and 35mm
– Cinestill 800
– large format photography
– Modding mini’s
– Liverpool F.C. (best football team)
– Magnets
– Criticism
– Wet plate photography
– Hamish + Pixelator


Steve was forced in to the random questions, so find out what he was in a previous life and why he would punch Steve Davis.

So head over and give it a listen. Please support Steve’s great work.


Steve’s flicker –
Chroma website –

Dont forget:

35MMC –
Tin plate guy –



0 introduction to large format
9.30 steve’s background
27.30 chroma project
61.01 kickstarter lessons
71 random questions



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